No one said Trump is Jesus. His policies are better than the policies of the left. In an election, you will always be picking the lesser of two evils because you're electing a flawed human being, not Jesus.

I'd rather take the bad Orange Man, who is egotistical and an adulterer than the party whose platform is pro-suctioning, scraping, scalding 600,000+ babies per year. There's a reason why Planned Parenthood and NARAL hate the president and why many pro-life groups wholeheartedly endorse him and love him despite his deeply flawed moral character. That is a much deeper character flaw.

You quote the verse about the weightier matters of the law. It seems to me there is no weightier matter than hundreds of thousands of babies being murdered every year.

Also, the left has got so far to the left it's scary. Defund the police, there are countless genders, heavy-handed COVID restrictions, increasing support of Marxism and socialism, cancel culture, a total lack of condemnation towards rioting until it hurt their poll numbers, the Green New Deal, and fighting for abortion to be legal every week of pregnancy.

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I am the Reasonable Faith Chapter Director in Cedar Rapids and the writer for I’m interested in the intersection of Christianity and history.

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